posted on 4 August 2013

The Wildcats have today launched the clubs widest variety of Membership options ever for 2014.

2014 Memberships will be on sale from Monday.

There are six different options from which to choose so you can say that you’re a Member of Wakefield Trinity Wildcats in 2014.

You can be a Member of the Legends Suite; have your name on a special members shirt by becoming a Platinum member whilst ‘Set of Six’ membership allows you to pick and choose the games you want to watch.

If you live out of town or perhaps just want a memento of each Wildcats home game, then ‘Red, White & Blue’ membership offers you the chance to get a matchday DVD and programme from every home game.

There’s also the familiar Gold Membership option and Silver Membership, allowing you to save money on pre-purchase tickets.

Not only are there more options for you to choose from, you can now also spread the cost of your Membership over up to eight months (dependant on Membership type).  There is still the option to pay for your Membership up front, but if you want to manage the cost to tie in with your other costs then we can help you.

If you’re one of over 1,000 Gold Members who has already renewed during July then you can upgrade to the exciting new Platinum Membership and take advantage of all the fantastic extra benefits including the members shirt that will be worn at Magic Weekend, a Platinum Members baseball cap, polo shirt, exclusive meet the players events and much more.

Click HERE to take a look at the 2014 Membership options.

Platinum Membership starts from just £340 when purchased up front, or £360 when paid for with an upfront payment of £40 followed by eight monthly installments of £40 and is not only your season ticket, but it gives you entry into the Club 1873 Lottery Draws and a host of fantastic money can’t buy benefits.

You can also spread the cost of your Gold Membership over eight months (dependant on age category) but to take advantage of the spread payment plans you must pay your first upfront payment in August, with monthly payments starting from September.

Here is how the pricing structure works for 2014:

When paid for in one payment the prices are as below:

Platinum Membership: £340

Adult Concession Junior Young  person Family
Ground £180 £120 £30 £70 £390
ESW £240 £160 £70 £100 £550
Centre £280 £180 £140 £155 £700
Split payment plans (Only available during August)
Membership type First up payment 8 installments of Total paid
Platinum £40 £40 £360
Adults GS £40 £20 £200
Adult ESW £40 £27.50 £260
Adult CS £40 £32.50 £300
Concession GS £40 £12.50 £140
Concession ESW £40 £17.50 £180
Concession CS £40 £20 £200
Family GS £40 £46.25 £410
Family ESW £40 £66.25 £570
Family CS £40 £85 £720
Three installments of
Young Person GS £20 £20 £80
Young Person ESW £20 £30 £110
Young person CS £45 £40 £165
Upgrade from Gold to Platinum
To pay Eight installments of
Adults GS £210 £50 £20 £360
Adult ESW £160 £40 £15 £360
Adult CS £130 £30 £12.50 £360
Concession GS £260 £40 £27.50 £360
Concession ESW £230 £40 £23.75 £360
Concession CS £210 £40 £21.25 £360
Young person GS £300 £50 £31.25 £360
Young person ESW £280 £50 £28.75 £360
Young person CS £240 £40 £25 £360

Split payment plans can only be actioned when purchasing at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium Box office or by calling 01924 211611.  The Stadium Box Office will remain open until 8pm on every Thursday night throughout August and open 9-5 on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

For details of the Legends Membership payment plan, please contact the Wildcats Commercial Team on 01924 211611 or email martinhopkins@wakefieldwildcats.co.uk

If you’ve got any questions then we hope the below will answer them for you.  If not, then you can contact the club via our Facebook page, Twitter account, on email at info@wakefieldwildcats.co.uk or call 01924 211611.

When do I need to sign up to be able to take advantage of the pay monthly options on Platinum and Gold Memberships?

Any supporter wishing to take up the pay monthly option available on Platinum and Gold Memberships must do so before 31st August 2013.  This option is only available at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium Box Office.  An administration charge will be added to the cost of your Membership.

I’m already a Gold Member – can I upgrade to Platinum Membership?

Yes, you can.  Simply visit our Box Office and you can pay the difference (ie. An adult who has already paid £150 to renew will be required to pay £210 to upgrade).  You can pay in one instalment or take advantage of the payment plan which will incur an upfront payment and eight monthly payments thereafter (will also include administration fee).

I’m already a Gold Member and a member of Club 1873 but I want the extra benefits that come with being a Platinum member – how do I do that?

As above, simply visit the Box Office and you’ll be able to upgrade to Platinum Membership.  You’ll be able to choose another four numbers to enter the Club 1873 draw, giving you more chances to win.

Why is there only one price for Platinum Membership?

Unlike Gold Membership, Platinum Membership is not categorised by age group so there is just one price.  As Platinum membership includes the Club 1873 Lottery, it is only available to those aged 18 and over.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss one of your payments then you will be contacted by Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.  Anyone missing a payment prejudices their Membership, however, cases will be handled accordingly on an individual basis.

Can I choose the date the payment comes from my bank?

Yes, you can.  Our member of staff will be happy to talk you through this when you visit the Box Office or over the phone.

Can I pay for all the Membership options monthly?

No, only Legends, Platinum and Gold Memberships can be paid monthly.  All other membership types must be paid for upfront.

When can I exchange my Set of Six vouchers for the games I want to go to?

You can exchange your vouchers from a Wildcats retail outlet from the start of January 2014.  You don’t have to do them all in one go, simply pick and choose your games when it suits you.

The payment plan runs until March but the Super League season starts in February – when will I get my Membership booklet?

Once your payments for the months up to and including December have been received, you will be able to collect the first half of your Membership booklet and Members discount card from the Wildcats Box Office.  The second half of your Membership booklet will be available once your final payment has been received.  Please note that you jeopardise your Membership should you miss any payments.

I’m already a Legends/Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze member but would like to be a Red, White and Blue member too – can I do this?

Yes, either sign up when you purchase your main membership or at any other point before the start of the season.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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