posted on 1 September 2013

Richard Agar said he is up for the fight of helping the Wildcats through the clubs current financial difficulties.

Richard Agar is prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

On a night when Huddersfield Giants showed just why they have lifted the League Leaders Shield, the Wildcats were outgunned by the well drilled hosts.  Agar’s post-match conference didn’t include the usual questions on the 80 minutes, but instead focussed on a turbulent weekend at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium.

With Chairman Michael Carter revealing the clubs financial problems and the sale of Tim Smith to Salford City Reds, it wasn’t ideal preparation for Sunday’s game.  Whilst he admitted he was glad to see the end of a tough weekend, moving forward the Wildcats head coach said he is ready for the challenge of doing what needs to be done to help the club continue.

“I’m not afraid of a challenge.  Chairmen, owners, CEO’s, coaches and players come and go.  But fans and clubs remain.  First and foremost, it’s quite apparent that the club is in a bit of trouble.  To get this club on an even keel and operating as a business that can wash its own face or accrue losses that the current owner knows he can manage and sustain, that’s the most important thing.

“We’re all custodians of whatever part of the job we have.  If they tell me this is what we’ve got to do to survive and this is all we can work off, and moving forward it’s going to be tough, then that bit doesn’t frighten me at all.

“In terms of the challenges in front of us, they’re pretty big.  I’ve a lot of respect for Michael Carter and he’ll tell us the truth and where we’re at, and once we establish we’ll know how difficult it’s going to be or how easy it’s going to be.  We’ll see if we can make it work and go forward together.

“I’m not afraid of it but it is tough.  At the start of last year we were in a similar situation where we had no money and needed to throw a squad together.  I thought we made some pretty big strides.  Our supporters are behind us, the crowds were up and we’ve been a competitive team that plays good rugby.  Scrum halves are hard to find and we’ve lost two this year.  We may be on the verge of having to restructure things and starting again.  But I don’t know for sure.  Hopefully over the next couple of months we can find a way through this and hold onto as many important members of our squad as we need to.  Again, our Chairman will tell more about this tomorrow.

“We’ve had a bad trot, a really tough night tonight and next week we’ve got a derby.  Hopefully in adversity we can find a response to next week – we’ll need to.”

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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