posted on 10 September 2013

Ex-Trinity player Richard Kelly, whose ten years at Wakefield spanned the eighties and early nineties, has been acknowledged by the community for his support and dedication to the Club as a fan.

Danny Kirmond congratulates Fan of Pride Richard Kelly.

Kelly, a fan’s favourite during his time has had an active involvement since retiring from the game. “All four Kelly brothers played professional rugby league at Trinity. When I hung up my boots, I came up on to the terraces and watched home and away. I came back to the club for a period of time in a Commercial capacity. However, the most rewarding has been coming back most recently to work on the Wakefield Under 16 scholarship scheme.”

“The club has been a huge part of my life, from being here as a toddler with my Dad, through to now when I still spend a lot of my time here as a fan. I do a lot of coaching, which is a passion of mine, but it’s the sport and the club that makes it for me.

“The club is in my blood, because it’s such a community sport; the players are still approachable and love to get involved. It’s an honest sport, lines aren’t often crossed – some sports have players who play 90 minutes pretending to be injured when they’re not, but in rugby league you get guys playing 80 minutes pretending they’re fine when they are injured. It’s the passion and belief”.

Danny Kirmond, Club Captain, was on hand to congratulate Kelly on his award and dedication to the sport. “The fans are so important for us. The numbers that have turned up to support us this year has been great, and really supporting us has helped us. We’re a big community club and volunteers are here every day, and that makes a big difference.”

By winning Brut’s Fan of Pride Award for Wakefield Wildcats, Richard will enjoy a day out at the Super League Grand Final at Old Trafford in October, as well as some Brut product.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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