posted on 11 October 2013

Wildcats Chairman Michael Carter has answered fans questions exclusively on the Wildcats website this lunchtime.

Wildcats Chairman Michael Carter has answered questions from supporters.

The club are inviting supporters to send in their questions by midday on Thursday’s each week to be put to the Chairman, with as many as possible answered.  We received numerous questions and put a selection to the Chairman.

Fans can submit their questions via the Wildcats Facebook and Twitter accounts, or by emailing

Q: I’d like to ask for an update on the required £400,000, and an estimate of when the amount will be required by?

A: We have managed through a lot of hard work to get the sum down to around £300,000. We have had some really encouraging talks with businesses regarding sponsorship for next year this week including three breweries about the pouring rights for the stadium and on the back of that, a sponsorship deal, hopefully for one of the stands.

Q: Is it true that we have sided with Leeds in supporting the RFL’s restructure plan despite the majority of SL clubs players and supporters being against the idea?

A: We didn’t side with anyone. I still have an open mind on the options for next season. I believe that it should all have been discussed at the EGM as planned and if clubs didn’t feel they could vote on it, then it should have just been postponed until the next meeting. From a purely selfish point of view, then yes, staying at 14 clubs would obviously benefit us next season. However, would that benefit the game as a whole?

There is a lot of misinformation flying around at the moment, with a lot of people talking a good game, whilst secretly having different agendas. You also have to take the TV package into the equation. Like it or not, Sky are the current paymasters of the game, and if the product on the field doesn’t hold enough excitement for them, they will take their money elsewhere. These are my own personal thoughts at this time. Like I said, I have an open mind on the issue at present, and will await further developments.

What I hope it doesn’t do is detract from the upcoming Rugby League World Cup. We should all be focussing on watching the best players on the planet playing on our shores, not arguing in public.

Q: Have the contract offers to our home grown players, Cowling, Kaye & Wildie been signed?

A: I believe Danny has signed elsewhere. We haven’t yet had a response to our offer to Liam and talks are ongoing with Matty. Although in fairness, all the players are currently on holiday and due back in the next couple of weeks.

Q: How many office/backroom staff have had to be made redundant since our money troubles came to light? How much is this affecting our day-to-day operations?

A: No office or backroom staff have been made redundant. We asked the whole of the office staff to take a pay cut. Almost all did so which is great credit to them. A number chose to leave and have not been replaced. This is affecting our day-to-day operations and we are currently in the process of restructuring the whole administration setup so that everyone is clear on their roles and we also know what we need to cover.

Q: Do previous benefits of Club 1873 still exist?

A: Yes, supporters can still get 10% off in our retail stores and we will offer spot prizes as often as possible. The more members of Club 1873 then the better prizes we will be able to offer. We plan to offer an incentive for those who refer a friend to join from Monday.

Q: Will the club be continuing with the segregation policy at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium next season?

A: We are currently reviewing our whole security systems with regards to match days, and are in the process of appointing a new security company. Current thinking is to not have a policy of segregation per se but we will look at each individual match on its own merits.

Q: I attended the recent forum at the stadium and you said you had a meeting arranged with Sir Rodney Walker. Did this go ahead and what was the outcome?

A: This did go ahead. It was very much an introductory meeting as we had never met, and as such there was nothing really to report, other than to say we now plan to meet regularly. Newmarket is still on course.

Q: What is the Lottery target set by the club for the coming season?

A: We would love to see 2,000 subscribers to our lottery. It’s very much an easy earn for the club and the money does go directly into the youth set up. We currently have six England Internationals in our under 19′s and we, as a club, should be very proud of this fact. I would urge anyone to come down and have a look at them in the new season.

Q: Have we put our license at risk again by money troubles?

A: I think our stock within the bodies that be at the RFL have actually risen as a consequence of our recent troubles. Hopefully they have seen that we intend to sort the problem and run the club as a proper business, without having to go cap in hand to them, every couple of months. The issue of actually having a licence, is probably moot now, given the recent developments, but I would hope the RFL would say that they are very happy with the management team here.

Q: How are season ticket sales going?

A: They’re going ok. There was a miscount a couple of weeks ago meaning that the counter on the website only shows a small increase on numbers this week, but the truth is that there have been steady numbers of people coming in to purchase season tickets over the last couple of weeks which is encouraging.

Q: When can we expect to be able to buy the new shirt?

A: We’ve been working hard on lots of things, the shirt being one of them and we will have three new sponsors on there next season. As and when we have a date for a shirt launch then we will let supporters know.

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