posted on 18 October 2013

Chairman Michael Carter has once again answered a selection of questions from supporters exclusively for the Wildcats website.

Wildcats Chairman Michael Carter has answered questions from supporters. Pictures courtersy of the Wakefield Express.

Fans are invited to send in questions via the Wildcats Facebook, Twitter or by emailing before midday each Thursday and a selection of answers will be posted right here every Friday afternoon.

Here is this week’s Q&A with the Trinity Chairman:

Q: It’s good that last week you stated that sponsors are still interested but seeing how you said when taking over that you wanted more cash value out of the sponsorship this year, are you managing to achieve that or are we on a par/less than last year?

A: At this moment in time, we are on a par with last year, which is quite outstanding seeing as we pretty much started from scratch. We still have quite a few sponsorship packages available and I would urge anyone looking for a sponsorship opportunity to get in touch.

Q: What is the current projection for Newmarket coming to fruition? Is Andrew Glover still working on this or has he severed all ties with the club.

A: I have only being involved in one meeting so far having now taken over responsibility from Andrew on this issue. Realistically I think we are looking at the start of the 2016 season.

Q: Given the hope that many fans buy/get season tickets for Christmas is the decision to increase the price of a gold membership by £25 in two weeks time not counter productive and likely to put some people off at a time when we need everybody possible on board?

A: It’s not at all unusual for prices to gradually increase in the months leading into the season. Sales are going well but naturally beginning to plateau as we’d expect at this time of year. The incentive to buy early is based on the price. If we didnt gradually increase the price then nobody would go for the early bird offers.

Q: What kind of timescale are the club looking to for the release of the new shirts?

A: We are looking at the middle of December for the shirt launch. We’ve been finalising sponsorship deals so that’s delayed us a little bit.

Q: The previous owners of the club were supposed to have taken over the running of buses to away games which was one of the factors that brought about the disbanding of WISCA. There now appears to be a void left in the arranging of social events. I believe we have missed out on the chance to have trips to such things as the Grand Final and what about all the World Cup games? Although I have joined the Supporters Trust I am not at all sure what there aims and intentions are.

A: The club has offered away day travel and previously offered a coach trip to watch England games but without sufficient interest. In terms of other social events, now that we have all catering in-house we are looking at launching more and more events to get people down to the club.

The Supporters Trust are there as a link between the club and the fans and I’d encourage everyone to join them. In terms of organising events via the Trust, it would require somebody to put their hand up to take on that responsibility. I’m sure the Trust would welcome your help on that matter.

Q: You’re putting up season ticket prices but I don’t know what sort of team we’re going to have. Why would I want to buy when I don’t know who will be here!

A: A lot of people have said this.  Everyone has a favourite player and players come and go in any era and at any club. In my opinion, you support the badge on the chest and not the name on the back. If people say they are Wakefield Trinity Wildcats fans then they support the club whatever team runs out.

I have always said that we will put as competitive a team out, as the finances allow. If we sell extra season tickets, sponsorship, Club 1873 and merchandise over and above our budget, all this extra money will be ploughed back into the team. There is still time to make further signings and we are targeting a few players at the World Cup. But until we have something finalised, I cannot just speculate on names.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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