posted on 25 October 2013

Wildcats Chairman Michael Carter has once again answered questions from supporters in a weekly exclusive for the club website.

Wildcats Chairman Michael Carter has answered questions from supporters. Pictures courtersy of the Wakefield Express.

A range of topics were covered in the questions asked via Facebook and Twitter, with a selection answered by the Trinity chairman.

Due to a technical issue, no questions sent by email have been received by the club and we apologise to anyone who sent questions in via this method. Anyone wishing to submit a question for next week must do so by midday on Thursday.

Q: Who owns Cats Bar? The club or someone else?

A: We own Cats Bar and all the revenue it now generates comes to us. We can cater for up to 180 people in Cats Bar and 90 in Legends Suite for business conferences, birthday parties, wedding receptions etc. We can also provide a wide range of food at competitive prices.

Q: How are the club dealing with the RFL to assist us through the current situation? There seemed to be an abundance of support for Bradford and London but very little by the way of support for our club.

A: We have had good support from the RFL. I cannot comment on the support given to others, but the RFL have helped us immensely since the moment I took over. I would also think they have seen a positive change in the club, and our stock is held in a much higher regard currently.

Q: How are negotiations with the Supporters Trust regarding their proposed investment?

A: Unfortunately it is a very slow process legally. I dont think either myself nor the Supporters Trust envisaged how much red tape there would be. We are still hopeful we can do something but we must get it right and do it legally.

Q: How viable are the 16-21 season tickets? I bought it last year for £50, and this year it is £70. Why not make it a student ticket? Some 20 or 21 year old’s might be earning enough for a full priced ticket.

A: Obviously the prices were set before I took over. I do think there is some merit in distinguishing between students and workers and anyone who feels they have got their season ticket too cheaply can quite gladly make a donation for what they think they should have paid.

Q: In regards to loans to the club, are these currently being paid back in installments or are they indefinite loans with no specified times?

A: The loans to the RFL are being paid back in installments. The directors loans are not being repaid and will not be repaid for the foreseeable future.

Q: Are you feeling more or less optimistic today about our clubs’ future than you were on the day you announced the £400k needed?

A: I’ve always felt optimistic about the future of the club. We still face some very big challenges over the next few months and there are still things coming out of the woodwork, but we have paid a large chunk of the debts we inherited. I’m still extremely excited for next season. I don’t kid myself that its not going to be tough, but I think adversity is something that Wakefield Wildcats handles well, and with a large contingent of fans roaring the players on both home and away, I still feel our playing destiny is within our own hands.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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