posted on 8 November 2013

The exclusive question and answer session with Wildcats Chairman, Michael Carter has returned this week.

Wildcats Chairman Michael Carter's Q&A. Picture courtesy of the Wakefield Express.

Questions sent in via Facebook, Twitter and email were plenty in number and a selection were put to the Chairman.  A number of questions asked have been covered in previous Q&A sessions and as such have not been included.

Q: What is the cut off point regarding player sales and rebuilding?

In terms of player sales, we have only sold players because we believe it represents a good deal to the club. We had to get some of our big earners off the books to create the space required to bring in more players. We feel we have achieved this and received some good transfer fees for some players in a sport that doesn’t generally generate transfer fees, never mind good ones.

In terms of players coming in, we have been working on this for a few weeks now. We have quite a few options currently running but I will not give any names until a deal is actually done. Suffice to say that the fans will be the first to know. I do appreciate fans are looking for us to bring players in and quickly, but it most be done in a way the club can afford. Gone are the days of signing players without thought to how they will actually get paid.

Q: Does the Wildcats Sports And Education Academy bring a financial profit into the club or trust as well as provide education?

The academy is very much in its infancy, and as yet has brought no tangible financial profit into the club. Obviously in the long run it is targeted to do so but it also gives us a real chance as well of producing our own home grown players. These are players the fans can relate to and who will be especially proud to pull on the red white and blue jersey.

Q: Is another meeting planned for an update?

There is a meeting planned with the supporters trust on the 26th November when I am assuming there will be an opportunity for further updates and further questions to be asked.

Q: How far off we the 400k that was stated we needed?

We are still a little short of the line. In the two months since I stated that figure, it’s fair to say quite a few other things have come out of the woodwork which have challenged us. However ,we still believe the club will soon be on an even keel, and once we start getting some more players in, which our budget allows, we can start looking forward to the task we face next season. No one is under any illusion how difficult next season will be, which is why, more then ever, we all need to stick together.

Q: Why don’t the club reveal fees received for players?

Generally speaking this is at the request of the buying club. Needless to say, I believe we have received some excellent transfer fees in the current market. It goes without saying that I would rather have not had to do this, but we are where we are, and we still have a club to rally behind, and we will still have a club this time next year.

Finally, can I just say how much we appreciate the vast majority of fans support. It is a difficult time for you all and I realise all you want to know about is signings coming inand to watch a competitive team. We believe come the start of February that we will have a competitive Super League squad. It may not be packed with the big earners the club has had in the past, but it will be built on a foundation of stone, rather then sand.

It is a massive season and we really need every little bit of support we can generate, and I don’t just mean financially. Keep the faith!

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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