posted on 31 January 2014

HoRde Consultancy Ltd. will sponsor the 2014 Wildcats man of the match awards.

HoRde Consultancy Ltd will sponsor the Wildcats man of the match awards in 2014.

The recently formed human resource company will put their name to the star performer chosen by the big match sponsors at each Super League match at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium.

Introduced to the Club Board via Main Sponsors, C&D Cleaning Services, the team at HoRde Consultancy Limited have been supporting the Club through their backroom restructure offering a full range of Human Resources advice and support.

Bringing together a combined 35 years experience in human resources, the team of CIPD professionals offer a complete personal H.R. solution.

Unlike many of their competitors, there are no fixed term contracts or monthly direct debits, businesses pay for advice as and when they require it with each case dealt with on an individual basis.

Jon Wood, Managing Director at Horde Consultancy commented: “It is a fantastic opportunity to be associated with Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and we are very much looking forward to raising our profile within the Wakefield area.

“Many small businesses feel that a HR service is costly and it is something that is generally overlooked by them, however, due to the changing legislations within employment law it is important to have this service within your business and we have made this a very easy and affordable for any business to use HoRde Consultancy Ltd.”

Managing Director, Nick Thorpe added: “Human Resources should be about people and over the years I have noticed that face-to-face communication in business is not as prominent anymore, causing staff to feel less and less engaged and employers too afraid to speak to their staff through fear of reprise. We as a Company took the decision that we wanted to make HR personal again and more accessible for smaller businesses.

“Me and my Business Partners, Kate Speight and Jon Wood, have been lifelong Wakefield Trinity supporters and when Club Chairman, Michael Carter issued his statement in September we felt, as loyal Wildcats fans, that we wanted to do our bit to help and I am glad we did and would encourage other Wakefield businesses to join us to keep the only professional sports club in the city going strong.”

Kate Speight, Managing Director continued: “When we created HoRde Consultancy Limited we wanted to strip back all the whistles and bells and go back to the roots of HR, people talking to people and we are thrilled that we are able to sponsor the ‘Man of the Match’ as this is in effect all about personally engaging and rewarding the outstanding achievement of an employee”.

“It’s great to have a sponsor for the man of the match awards this season and to welcome a new company that have seen the benefits others have enjoyed from being associated with the club,” said Trinity Commercial Manager, Martin Hopkins.

“We’re sure the sponsorship will be a success in introducing them to Wakefield businesses.”

For more information and to find out how HoRde Consultancy Ltd can help your business, visit their website at http://www.hordeconsultancy.co.uk

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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