posted on 8 March 2014

Wildcats boss Richard Agar says he is very much focussing on what his side need to do rather than worrying about the opposition this weekend even more so than normal.

Richard Agar is laying the foundations for the Wildcats after an influx of new players.

With an influx of new players in recent weeks the Trinity boss says he has stripped training sessions back to the foundations usually reserved for pre-season with the aim of ensuring more long term benefits for his side.

Agar pointed to the fact that opposite number Laurent Frayssinous has himself been hampered with a disjointed pre-season programme and the Dragons have fielded completely different quartets in the pivotal positions of half-back, hooker and full-back in each of their three defeats so far.

That makes them difficult to read according to Agar, so with that and Trinity’s own challenges, his primary focus more than ever is on his own side.

“I had a lot of the Dragons players in the World Cup so I’m fully aware that they had a lot of blokes coming back from injury, had guys who had done heavy representative commitments year-on-year and they wouldn’t have been back until late December if not January,” said Agar.

“Throw some injuries into that and you can see why they’re not running as smoothly as they would like at this stage of the year.

“We’ve got to get our performances better and right.  I thought we started really promising in round one, round two we were way off the mark and I thought it was a difficult game for us as a club last week.  We went extremely light in the middle of the field to play an extremely strong and powerful Wigan team.

“We talked about almost restarting our season again in terms of what we were going to do in training given the influx of new players we’ve got and we play a team that has had a difficult opening.  We’ve got a couple of weeks now that will be looked at as four-point games.  But we can’t get too carried away with that as this moment in time.

“Of course we want to win, of course we want to get off the mark but we’ve got to get our performances to the right level and then wins will look after themselves.  I don’t think in round four we can build it up as a relegation battle but at the same time we know we want to start picking up some points.

“They (the Dragons) are a desperate team.  Tell me a team in the competition that aren’t looking down at Wakefield and London at two games that should be wins this year.  We know we’re in that position every week and that’ll be no different this week.  We’re confident enough that given time we’ll turn ourselves into a good competitive team that’s capable of winning games.

“It’s all about us and our performance.  Is it a good time to play them?  You could think of worse times to play them to be honest.  They’ve got some injuries, some suspensions and on the back of three losses.  It’ll make them a desperate team and it’ll give some people opportunity.”

You can listen to Thursday’s full press conference on the Wildcats Audioboo channel HERE.


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