posted on 1 June 2014

Richard Agar felt some poor decisions by both his players and the officials proved crucial in defeat to Bradford Bulls.

Richard Agar spoke to the press after his sides defeat.

The hosts started with real intent and an offload game that the Wildcats never truly got control of in the first half, finding themselves 16-0 down at the interval as a result.

A second half fightback was sparked by Matt Ryan’s try but Richard Moore’s stint in the sin bin, a disallowed Richard Mathers try and a late second for Ryan meant little thanks to two penalties for man of the match Luck Gale.

Agar was disappointed with some poor decisions.

“I thought the game hinged on two or three decisions,” he told the press after the game.

“A couple of the decisions were ours and what we came up with on our left hand side defensively which were just woeful defensive decisions against all our principles.

“And the decision to disallow the Richard Mathers try which would have put the game to a six-point ball game.  There’s just no reason at all why Richard Silverwood should have chalked that try off.  We’re looking at the game and all the replays we’ve seen on Sky over the last few weeks about obstruction.  We’re lucky enough to have a monitor in front of us and that is blatantly a dead-set try.

“He’s pulled him for obstruction but that is a try.  There is no reason at all to deny that as a try.  It changes the course of the game.

“In the first half Bradford got the better of us but in the second we got top side of them but weren’t productive enough down the far end.  I felt a couple of decisions hurt us really badly.”

You  can listen to Agar’s full press conference including his views on the sin bin for Moore on the Wildcats Audioboo channel by clicking HERE.


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