posted on 5 July 2014

James Webster paid tribute to the Wildcats new found resolve after they continued their unbeaten run with victory over Leeds Rhinos.

James Webster paid tribute to his players resolve.

Trinity led for large periods of the game but found themselves behind with ten minutes remaining after Ryan Hall’s converted try.

Whilst another valiant defeat to the Rhinos looked on the cards, Richard Owen went in at the corner on the back of excellent work by Tim Smith and Richard Mathers.  Webster put all the credit for the turnaround in form at the door of his players.

“I’ve got a group of players in there who are busting their backsides off to try and improve,” Webster told the press after the game and you can listen to his press conference in full HERE.

“When you’ve got a group of people committed to the cause the way they are then you don’t start thinking about teams catching you, you start thinking about catching other teams.

“I’m sounding similar after every single game at the moment but I’m a proud bloke again.  I’ve got seventeen people that fought right to the end.

“We were not defending well enough a long time ago. We played Leeds twice and shipped 100 points.  Both teams had players out off a short turnaround and had influential players out.  They probably had more famous players that weren’t playing but we’ve got a lot more resolve than before and that’s not from me, that’s from them.

“They’ve done that themselves.  I can’t go out and make tackles, thank god I can’t! They’ve got to go out and do it themselves and they’ve done it.”

Tim Smith had a hand in all three of the Wildcats tries and he too continued his own unbeaten record since returning from Salford Red Devils on loan.  Webster was pleased with his scrum-half and proud of his players continuing to battle through a host of injuries.

“I thought our good ball was well below average today.  I’m not saying that’s Timmy’s fault, but it was probably that we were out on our feet on several occasions.  When you’re out on your feet and you’ve got people outside you not really giving you much options you look around and think ‘where are we going to go?’

“We took a lot of blokes into this game that were busted.  When you go on a run of form and put everything into every week then it catches up with you a little bit.  I don’t think we’ve ever won with a short turnaround in three years and I had a lot of weary people.  We hardly trained this week.

“I’m happy with Timmy and I’m a lucky coach compared to what Richard (Agar) had.  Richard didn’t have Timmy and I have.”

Webster confirmed a serious knee injury for Pita Godinet and added that Danny Kirmond has an outside chance of facing Widnes Vikings on Thursday night.


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