posted on 28 January 2015

Whistle stop tour of Wakefield with the Super League Trophy.

The club got the opportunity to spend the day with the Super League Trophy yesterday and a number of lucky people in Wakefield managed to get their photos taken alongside the famous prize.

Some of Wakefield Trinity's key sponsors got up close and personal with the trophy and it also features in the Wildcats Store in the Ridings Centre over lunchtime. The children from Pinders Primary School, who were working in the Learning Zone yesterday, were some of the lucky few who got to see the trophy and have their photos taken alongside it.

We have included a number of photos below:

Kris Pashley and colleagues from

Jack Bryson, Joe Wilson and the team from Wakefield Audi.

Some of the children from Pinders Primary School

Tony Revans from Tony Revans Financial Planning

Andy Shuter and his team from the F&I Foundation

Ian Gibson from Fit 24


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