posted on 24 March 2015

More dates for the development days as part of the Embed the Pathway Scheme has been announced.

Coaching for Under 13s will take place on Tuesday 31st March, 10am - 4pm at Sandal Rugby Union.

Coaching for Under 12s will take place on Thursday 2nd April, 10am - 3pm at Sandal Rugby Union.

Coaching for Under 14s will take place on Thursday 9th April, 10am-5pm at Belle Vue, if you are attending this particular day, there is the opportunity to stay and watch the scholarship side take on Hull FC, kick-off 7pm.

Embed the pathway is an England Coaching Programme run by the RFL that aims to increase the number of quality 12-14 year old Rugby Players through the education and training of children's coaches. The scheme is a programme of Coach Education, Inclusive Player Profiling and 24 sessions that can be used and adapted to meet the needs of young players at any stage.

Other programmes are to be announced for later on in the year; mental skills/code of conduct, attacking plays, defence and development days.

To reserve your place, please email as there is limited places available.


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