posted on 20 April 2015

Ken Rollin and Neil Fox will be the guests at our Lunch Club which will be held this Friday lunchtime.

They will be setting up filming of the Challenge Cup at Wembley when Trinity went to the Finals, it will show the highlights of the six matches from 1946 to 1979. Including; the Billy Stott kick, which won the cup in the last minute, against Wigan. The 20 points that Neil Fox scored in 1960 against Hull. Harold Poynton's great performance which won him the Lance Todd in 1963, and of course the 'Water Splash' 1968.

The filming will be on for 25 minutes, and hopefully this will stimulate the club to go to Wembley again in 2015!!

Entry into 'Legends Suite' for the Lunch Club and food will only be £5 per person.

To book your place, you can call Chelsea on 01924 211611 or via email at Please state at the time of booking if you have any dietary requirements.

We look forward to seeing you!


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