posted on 6 August 2015

Yesterday, we caught up with Matty Ashurst and asked fans to put their questions forward for the former Saints and Salford back-rower.

Here are the questions Matty answered.

Q: Are you confident of surviving the Middle 8s?

A: "Yeah everyone's confident. The season didn't pan out the way we had hoped but we're looking at this as a fresh competition now and we're all confident we can hit the ground running on Sunday."

Q: What are your opinions on the Super 8s format as a whole?

A: "I think it's good for the game to be honest. It means every game counts in these 8s and it will be exciting for the fans to watch."

Q: If you weren't a rugby player, what would you be and why?

A: "I'm doing a Sports Science degree at the minute so probably something like a P.E teacher. Definitely still involved in sport."

Q: Would you rather be Queen or Prime Minister?

A: "Haha! I reckon Queen, she doesn't get half as much stick as the Prime Minister!"

Q: What are your career ambitions?

A: "I just want to establish myself as a first team player. This seasons been a tough one for me with the injury but I just want to establish myself as a Wakefield player and the first goal is to play a part in survival this season."

Q: Growing up, who was your favourite player?

A: "I'm a Wigan lad so probably Andy Farrell. He was my favourite player as a kid."


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