posted on 16 November 2015

Over the course of the Summer and Autumn, every Tuesday evening a determined group of men have been attending the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats’ Weight Management Programme at Belle Vue Stadium.

The programme which is a joint venture with Wakefield Council is now half way through its second stint and is once again providing to be a huge success. All attendees have had weight and fitness issues and the club’s community team’s ultimate goal was to help them improve their health and general all around well being.

During the opening night all participants were weighed, measured and their BMI calculated, all of which were overweight and 12 classed as obese with high BMI readings. A weekly workout programme was put in place that included: cardio, HIIT, bodyweight exercises and weight training. All were also offered nutritional advice on what to and what not to eat along with suggestions for home exercises.

The group have now been introduced to a significant increase of intensity with their training sessions to push their agility further.

“I am extremely proud to be able to work with this magnificent bunch of guys who I can now call my friends. I look forward to be able to continually support them through their journey. They have all done extremely well and nobody has quit yet!”


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