posted on 14 January 2016

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Chairman Michael Carter took part in numerous challenges in the Learning Zone at Belle Vue Stadium. 

This week the children from Jerry Clay Lane Primary School were joined by Chairman, Michael Carter on Wednesday afternoon to take part in the 'Belle Vue Egg Challenge'. They all worked in small groups to design and make a 'Transportation Device' , they then used this device to try and transport an uncooked egg safely from the second floor balcony to the ground floor without any cracks. 

The Learning Zone exists to work in partnership with local schools in the Wakefield District. The club aims to provide a positive experience for individuals and an opportunity for young people to develop fresh identities as learners. We endeavor to work with disadvantaged groups, especially those, who are on free school meals, are in care or are a carer themselves. 

In working towards these goals we make full use for the positive effect created by our association with the Wakefield Wildcats and our successful partnership with all the staff, players and coaching team here at the club.


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