posted on 7 April 2016

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Community and Youth Development departments have significantly strengthened their bond together with a universal focus on player development, participation and education.

Through interlinking both departmental strategies with a common framework on development, participation and education, it will allow all children from primary age to higher education a pathway of opportunity.

Lead Community Officer, James Stephenson commented, “Myself and Richard Kelly have been meeting regularly since his appointment at the club as Head of Youth and Development discussing a whole host of strategy ideas. I am really excited for both of our departments to be able to fully unify as we have the same visions and understanding.”

Now having a comprehensive Primary and Secondary Rugby League development strategy in place complimented with the Embed the Pathway and Ambassadors programmes that are delivered through the community team, there is a pathway of opportunity for all children without the pressures of performance.

So all the fun, development and full inclusion aspects of what we deliver grows and enhances participation massively along with growing support for our club and the game in a whole!

James Stephenson continued, “I am extremely proud of what we are achieving and the quality that this is producing around our community. It is great that we have been able to build stronger relationships with our Ambassador Clubs and local schools and make a significant and positive impact on people’s lives through Wakefield Wildcats.”

Head of Youth and Development, Richard Kelly stated, “In some aspects the roles of both James Stephenson and myself are very similar. We oversee initiatives which engage and develop young aspiring Rugby League players. It makes complete sense for our respective departments to integrate and therefore create a clear developmental pathway from Primary Rugby League all the way through to our Academy and hopefully beyond it as a Super League player."


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