posted on 10 April 2016

Wildcats silenced the Warriors with a stunning 62-0 victory.

An exceptional afternoon at Belle Vue Stadium saw the Wildcats nilling Wigan Warriors with four tries in the first half and seven in the second.

Jacob Miller got his hat-trick whilst Danny Kirmond and Nick Scruton both got two tries each, making it four wins out of four under the hands of Chris Chester.

The home side started the game extremely bright and very strong both in defence and attack silencing the Warriors who failed to turn up throughout the 80 minutes.

Scruton was the first to add points onto the scoreboard when a lovely pass on the inside from Scott Moore put him in for the try; Finn converted to put the home side 6-0 into the lead after just 10 minutes.

A great set from the home side saw Sio and Tupou come in with the goods and found Miller who had space in front of him to go under the sticks for the try to make it 12-0. Soon after Tom Johnstone found himself on the scoreline again after getting the third try in the game for the Wildcats, Miller put a splendid kick in on the last tackle which fell into the hands of Johnstone who got it over in the left hand corner, Finn converted to make it 18-0.

A lovely piece of play from the Wildcats, Scott Moore put a kick in for Tom Johnstone, he released Joe Arundel in down the left wing, who then had Miller in for support to his right, Miller outpaced the Wigan defender to put the Wildcats further into the lead, Finn failed to convert 22-0.

A first bit of attack from the visitors came in the opening five minutes of the second half but the attempt was not for long when the Wildcats stormed through to add more points onto the board. Miller who had been exceptional throughout the afternoon running the middle of the park with Finn put a kick in on the last tackle, it went out for a 40/20. On the next play Finn fooled the Wigan defence with a dummy, he converted his own try to make it 28-0.

More blows for the visitors when Matty Smith knocked, Joe Arundel was the first to act on the loose ball and raced down the field, he had Miller in support to his right to ground the ball and get his hat-trick, Finn converted to put the home side 34-0 into the lead.

Captain Danny Kirmond got two consecutive trues, the first when he was far too strong for the Wigan defence and he barged his way through, Finn added the extra points to put the home side into the lead on 40-0 with 20 minutes remaining. Kirmond then got his second when another kick from Miller found his arms to get it over the line, 46-0.

The home side got the 50 past Wigan when Jowitt made a break from deep, later in the set Lyne got the ball and offloaded to Jones-Bishop who got it over the line, Finn was unable to convert, 50-0.

Wigan lost the possession in their own half and Jones-Bishop picked it up to race down the right side, he offloaded to Jowitt who got the try, Finn’s conversion got a helping hands from the post and got the conversion, 56-0.

Nick Scruton also got his second try of the game when he went over just under the sticks to give the Wildcats the final score of 62-0. 


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