posted on 25 May 2016

Chadwick Lawrence support Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Learning Zone initiative

Yorkshire’s Legal People recently strengthened their partnership with Wakefield Trinity Wildcats through the sponsorship of the Learning Zone at the club’s stadium in Wakefield.

As the named sponsors of the space, a number of team members from Chadwick Lawrence attended the grand opening of the Learning Zone on Wednesday 11th May where children from Newton Hill Community School got the opportunity to spend time in the facility.

The Learning Zone offers schools the opportunity to send small groups of up to 10 pupils to attend the “Win & Grin with the Wildcats” programme, consisting of six two hour sessions running on a weekly basis. Over the course of a year, 18 schools have the opportunity to attend and this is completely free of charge.

The space exists to work towards a positive learning culture in Wakefield, building courage, self-esteem and motivation of children in a learning environment that is a change of scenery from the school classroom. A range of activities are provided that are fun, stimulating and interesting; incorporating various literacy, numeracy and ICT skills. Not only will it build their personal confidence and social skills, the space also aims to strengthen their skills that will benefit them academically.

Joe Kelly, the Learning Zone Manager, delivers three learning programmes a week during term time. Alongside this, she acts a liaison with schools after each sessions to discuss the progress that children have made. At the end of each term, presentations are made in participating schools to help promote a healthy lifestyle and to celebrate the successes of each child who has taken part.

“We believe in the importance of giving back to the local community,” said Jo, “It is important that children have a positive experience and enjoy their time with us. We maintain constant communication with schools in order to see how children grow and benefit from their time at the Learning Zone.”

“We position ourselves as Yorkshire’s Legal people, and giving back to the community is at the heart of what we do” said Sam Pawson of Chadwick Lawrence, “By supporting the Learning Zone through this sponsorship we can promote a healthy approach towards learning in Wakefield, as well as demonstrating the positive effect association with a successful Super League Club can have for young people in the local area.”

Chadwick Lawrence, who are leading experts in Sports Law, have been legal partners with Wakefield Trinity Wildcats for almost two years. During this time they have provided both sponsorship support and legal advice for the club, and hope to continue to maintain a positive relationship with the local community through the support of the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Learning Zone.


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