posted on 6 June 2016

The Wakefield Trinity Academy and Youth System has recently undergone its annual assessment and has been ‘Graded 3’ by the RFLs Accreditation team.

The grading is slightly lower than last year which wasn’t unexpected by the club due to the number of staff changes over the previous 12 months. The absence of a centralized training facility was also a major factor in the lower grading. However it was recognised by the assessor that this is part of the clubs ongoing frustrations with regard to the new stadium negotiations.

The Assessors were impressed by the changes made by the club over the last two months and the Head of Youths future plans for the Academy which should see Wakefield Trinity attain a higher grading at the next assessment.

The RFLs assessment read:

“Wakefield Trinity was deemed “needs Improvement” in the assessment by the independent accreditation. There have been wholesale changes within the clubs staffing structure resulting in some disruption to the programme. However, this has been addressed and the process of building and progressing the new systems that will take the club forward is underway. The new programme has the full backing of the clubs owner who is both committed and passionate about strengthening the pathway for locally based players to excel. The new philosophy and culture will take time to embed, but there are some very good practices already being adopted.”

Head of Youth Richard Kelly said, “My appointment at the club was recognition of the need to change and improve the Youth structures at Wakefield Trinity and those changes are already well underway. Next year our U19s Academy will be ‘Full Time’ allowing us to dramatically increase contact time with players. We have invested in new technologies improving our ability to monitor, analyze, feedback and develop the players both individually and as a group. New staff has been brought in with further appointments due in the coming months.

"The improvements and investments are the result of 100% backing from the Chairman Michael Carter and an overall club commitment to produce more Super League players like Tom Johnstone, Max Jowitt, Jordy Crowther and Chris Annakin”.

The supporters also have a powerful impact via Club 1873 which is a key element to the funding of our youth programme and the production of future players”


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